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Getting The Cheapest Replacement

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So today the kettle had its last ride as it doesn’t seem to want to boil water anymore. So of course that means time to shop for a new one. One thing I was debating though when I go shopping tomorrow is should I simply buy the cheapest one I could find until something better comes along or should I simply use other means of boiling water and for the time being while doing extensive research to get the best replacement?

I am honestly leaning towards buying the cheapest item first and then buying a better one down the road once I see a better deal even though this may not be the most financially savvy option. My main reason for thinking that is the time convenience that I am saving as opposed to not having one at all. So in that case it’s the mentality of time is money as well. I wouldn’t do this if it was a larger purchase like if say the refrigerator broke down. For that I want to make sure what I am buying is the final purchase for a long time.

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