Getting Rid of Options To Form A Habit
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Getting Rid of Options To Form A Habit

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So this month it seemed like I would need to get around a bit faster where normally I would walk everywhere and take the transit when needed. It helps me to save lot of money this way not just from traveling expenses but it helps to keep me fit and healthy which prevents the need to spend money on things like gym memberships. But since I need to travel more I decided to get a monthly bus pass. It definitely helps me to save money but one thing I noticed was that I was more inclined to use the bus as opposed to walking at times because I had the option to do so which wouldn’t cost extra money.

For example, imagine a place fifteen blocks away where I would normally just walk there. For me it seems silly to spend like three dollars taking the bus for that. Now with the bus pass I start to think if I should just hop on to get to my destination faster. I would even go as far and think if I should buy larger items from the grocery store where normally I factor in if I want to walk that far with heavy items whereas in this case I could travel by bus with it for the most part.

To me that kind of shows how sometimes taking away specific options can help you to develop the habits that may benefit you greatly.

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