Getting Premium Shipping Delivery Speed For Free During Busy Holidays
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Getting Premium Shipping Delivery Speed For Free During Busy Holidays

I will be doing a review of sorts on a particular venue over the next few days where I was thinking of documenting the whole experience with video and audio. As a result, I decided to purchase a simple lapel mic to make the whole process easier for me. When I initially made the order it estimated that the product wold arrive in about a week or so which is fairly normal. If I wanted to get free standard shipping where it would come in like three days I would have to pay like $5. So, I opted to just use the standard free shipping.

To my surprise, I was getting notifications from the store that my item has been shipped and is on the way. Sure enough, it did arrive today which means I can probably go and do my review sooner than I expected. You would think that during these busy holiday seasons the shipping speed would be dreadful as companies are probably getting swamped with orders. However, in this case my assumption is the company has been anticipating for a rush of orders and therefore they have increased its staff and resources to cope with the demand. So like in my case, they want to complete as many orders as fast as possible.

I made this order so late in the evening too on Tuesday where there has been less than 72 hours between the transaction and getting the product in my hands.


Good time to order online now if you want fast premium-like shipping deliveries pretty much for free. This probably holds more true for the large companies of course.

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