Getting Personal Care Items In An Electronic Store

Getting Personal Care Items In An Electronic Store

I must admit this was a little odd the other day when I went into an electronic store to purchase an item. After the transaction, the customer service rep handed this to me:


As you can see, there were personal care and cleaning items such as the Axe body products and some Mr. Clean items. The lady gave me this for free and was saying how most people don’t know that on its online store they sell a lot more variety of products. Therefore, this sample was to show the type of things you can get to hopefully get people to think of them for more than just electronics.

While the free samples are nice, I was thinking how it probably takes a lot more to change a person’s shopping habit to not associate a business with certain types of items only. What does it take really? I think for myself the company has to have consistent big deals for me to even think about them. For example, a lot of electronic stores sell chocolate bars but I bet most people would still automatically think of a grocery or convenience store if they wanted to buy one.

I think it’s almost no different than how a lot of online retailers convinced me to shop online as opposed to a traditional retail store for many items. Funny enough, it’s probably easier the other way around such as if you were a grocery store that is now offering electronic items.

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