Getting Passed By Due To Spelling

Getting Passed By Due To Spelling

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I am sure virtually everyone has seen a spelling error at some time in their life. It’s usually more talked about when large companies make these types of errors as you would assume with so much money and human resources available that these kinds of things should never get through. But one comment did make me think how little things like this can cost people business.

There was a person trying to advertise his accounting services to a group of people where his pitch was he specialized in the industry that all these people work in. As well, apparently he could offer some great group discounts. Unfortunately he had a spelling error in his writing and people couldn’t help but to comment how because of that they can’t take him seriously.

Imagine that where you could have all the skills and qualification while offering the best value in the market but because of a little spelling error people will bypass you. Just goes to show how many times perception is king when it comes to whether or not people would want to buy from one place versus the other. Like in this case I would imagine people will think the person is unprofessional in all aspects. Watch out for those spelling mistakes in your marketing materials.

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