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Getting Paid To Take Photos of Your Grocery Receipt

This was new to me as I was reading about these two apps called Checkout51 and Snapsaves where it sounds like they have a program that involves you taking a picture of your receipt to prove that you purchased a particular product. As a result, they will then credit you back for those purchases. The cashback isn’t too bad too as a lot of it is like say one dollar oer more for things like a box of cereal.

My assumption on how this works is that they get a spiff from say the manufacturers in convincing you to buy particular products. So it’s almost like an alternative form of marketing as opposed to traditional channels like a TV or banner ad. I never actually used these myself but it sure sounds tempting to try out. Unless someone out there has heard something bad about using these apps. If not it seems like an okay way to make some extra money on items if you were going to purchase them anyways.

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