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Getting Paid Better In Different Industries

I haven’t heard one of these in awhile as I saw a person today freaking out how she couldn’t believe that another person who has less education and experience was making more money than her for what was essentially the same type of work. The only real difference was the industry as one was more along the lines of clothing and the other was a bit more tech savvy. That then raised the debate on whether or not she was working in the wrong industry if someone with no experience could immediately make like three dollars an hour more.

This is one of those things too where it comes down to if you are trying to make the most for your time or if you would rather be surrounded in an industry that you are genuinely passionate about. With that said, this is something that people overlook where you can easily generate a lot more income by being involved in specific industries. I know some examples are you can take the most mundane job such as a person handing out newspaper’s or fliers to the public where you would probably get minimum wage. However, do the exact same role with say a promotions company where other businesses contract them and you can easily make a lot more. Just be open minded into learning about the options that are out there.

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