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Getting Less For Your Money

I passed by a Mcdonalds today and there were these signs everywhere advertising that you can get any sized coffee for about one dollar anytime. Essentially, a small, medium or large is the same price. That made me wonder are there people who would actually opt to get the smaller size even though the large is the same price?

I guess the only reason I wouldn’t get the larger size in these situations if if I don’t feel that I can consume that much and that I will have to end up throwing the rest away. However, usually during these times even if I couldn’t consume it all myself I would still look to get the large and then find a way to fully utilize it. One thing as an example id if knew someone just wanted a small then you could say you both would chip in to buy the large and then just pour half for each. Like in this scenario that means you would have paid fifty cents only.

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