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Getting Every Free Cryptocurrency Offered

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It seems in recent times almost everyone is trying to get into the cryptocurrency game as the sounds of being an overnight millionaire seems very appealing. A ton of organizations are offering them for free too it seems such as the Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) and the Eco Cryptocurrency. For the most part what do you have to lose right? I was thinking, well….potentially a lot if they do go big.

It made me think as just over a year ago there was this guy that was giving people free bitcoins for the heck of it. Anyone that was asking him for one he just gave it. I actually didn’t want to swarm him for one as I figured I would leave it for the people who actually wanted to spend it as there isn’t much places that actually accepts the currency. As we all know that one bitcoin is worth like over $10,000 now. Wasn’t that a mistake not to ask for one since it was free?

These could end up as a fad of course but at this rate if it is free then you may want to take advantage of any of them hat seem reasonable.

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