Getting Deals By Being A Corporate Parrot or Not

Getting Deals By Being A Corporate Parrot or Not

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It’s no surprise that for a lot of business in industries such as events or entertainment the usual business model is you find a way to generate massive amounts of exposure where companies in-turn would want to advertise its products through you. This can be extremely lucrative of course where in the end I suppose it’s a win-win for both parties. But this thought got me thinking when I saw a person who seemed to be left out in receiving company products in a specific field decided to publicly act as if he worked in its PR department.

Virtually everything he published seemed to be nothing but praises and when it came to giving analysis of certain products he seemed to intentionally omit the bad points which everyone else seemed to acknowledge. It makes you wonder, would there actually be any company who would see that as a positive in the big picture? I would imagine most companies try and target people that the world trusts where if they give say a great review that means instant credibility. But if their base starts to see that they are simply spewing corporate literature then they kind of lost what made them valuable I guess you can say.

Nowadays people are getting a lot more educated about how companies work as well as sponsored testimonies and reviews. With that in mind I think it’s better to not to compromise your integrity per se to try and get a deal.

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