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Getting Burned For First Generation Purchases

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I was looking for some reviews for this backpack that I was really interested in recently and so I started to try and find some video reviewers for it. While there were a ton of people who raved about it at launch there were a few who reviewed the product after using it for a while. This was the interesting part as one person got it when it first came out only to realize how many design flaws the bag had. Apparently the company was fully aware of these flaws and fixed it on future releases without really saying anything.

As you can imagine the person was a bit upset that even though he was pretty much an early adopter for the company’s product he kind of got shafted for doing so. Logically you would think the early supporters for a company would get the best treatment too. But is this simply a case of if you are an early adopter expect to receive a faulty item without compensation?

To me personally this is a little different than simply getting something that gets technologically outdated like new computer. If it is a flaw in the design of the product I would imagine business wise it would be wise to take care of your early supporters. Although I guess if you look at it from a numbers point of view if the company is doing well then they can simply see it as a non-issue as the money is still coming in.

As the consumer do you expect to get burned like this quality control wise or vice versa as the company do you have the mentality that it should be all sales final when launching your first generation product?

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