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All That Fuss About A Dress Color

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I was feeling kind lost today when I saw all these hastags consisting of #thedress as I assumed it had something to do with that dress made of pearls that was apparently stolen. As most people have probably heard, it had to do about a color of a dress where everyone seems to see a different color which you can view at

It is a blue and black dress that some people are seeing as white and gold. That then led to this question going viral on the internet with science trying to explain why people are seeing different colors. I personally saw black and blue. Apparently the explanation had something to do with lighting and people processing the colors differently. But one comment I heard was business wise this was the type of thing so many companies try to do in terms of viral marketing.

There are of course theories that this thing was a hoax such as pictures being swapped out at times to generate the controversy. Either way, it generated a lot of business for the people who make the dress. This story is almost like a lesson on how if you are trying too hard to make something viral it probably won’t be as effective. Like here, it’s just a simple question and it’s the people themselves that created the buzz essentially. Don’t need a team of marketing experts for that huh?

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