Funny Financial Management Attitude As A Kid
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Funny Financial Management Attitude As A Kid

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So I have to shop for more presents this month as people such as my older brother’s birthday is coming up. I was thinking of ideas on what to get for him and had a discussion with my mom about it as sometimes we simply just pool in some money to buy a big item. Afterwards, she told me this interesting moment when I was a kid concerning money. Apparently I was only two years old during this time.

My brother, mom and I went to the mall. My brother was thirsty and was nagging my mom to buy this orange juice for him to drink. She decided to go buy it and while I was sitting in my stroller she asked if I wanted anything as well. Although I don’t remember this at all, she said that my exact response to that was “No mama. Save your money”.

Hilarious. 😆 I was just thinking how there must have been a lot of adult discussion about money and finance that I overheard when I was a baby for me to even spew out a remark like that. Guess that was a big factor that molded me into a money saver and usually not wanting people to spend too much on me when it comes to things like gifts. Cute story I thought. I guess as a kid you truly do learn everything you see and hear around you.

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