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Free Stuff Acting As Sales Advertising

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Today I saw a bunch of people walking around with this broom which implied that either there was a big sale or that it was currently a hot item for whatever reason. As well, naturally this created some buzz as everyone is inclined to find out what it is and potentially buying it based on mob mentality. Upon investigating into it, apparently the company that was selling the item was giving a lot of its product away in an hourly draw type of fashion. Therefore, it explains why you see like a sudden burst of people all of a sudden carrying the product.

It’s kind of smart in some ways I thought as you are essentially paying for advertising where people would be more inclined to think that the product must be super for everyone to have it. Would you think for example a company that gave away free coffee where they are going to have dozens of people walking around with coffee cups with their company branding on it to be more effective or paying money for a sign advertisement? I would be inclined to say in many ways giving the product for free can seem more natural to attract more people while potentially being cheaper as well.

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