Free Items To Make A Sale

Free Items To Make A Sale

I was doing some comparison shopping for an item that I was looking to buy as a Christmas gift. Interestingly enough, I saw multiple store have the product for the same sale price. Therefore, in that sense it made no different. There was then this one store that gave away a $2 item for free for anyone that purchased the main item. As silly as it sounds, that was a good enough reason to buy it from this place. To me the price of the product itself was the same elsewhere and in this case I got more.

Kind of makes you think of how cheap you can go in terms of offering a free product to entice people to buy the item from your place instead if the prices are the same. Example, a free pair of socks or even like a chocolate bar. Sounds kind of far fetch, but when you are in that wanting the best deal and value mentality I’m almost inclined to say that would work in drawing the customer to you.

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