Forgetting That Your Words Will Always Be On Record

Forgetting That Your Words Will Always Be On Record

Well this was kind of an interesting story where it dealt with a local political story here as there is an election. Essentially one lady named Linda went up to the current leader and told her in a calm way that she would never vote for here and then tried to explain why. She then got but off and the person’s response was essentially that she didn’t have to and that’s why we have a democracy. As it turned out that video went viral for that comment as many people felt it was very arrogant.

It makes me think of so many similar business related stories where people in a high position of power always forget that there is usually someone documenting the event around you. As a result your words can end up costing you a lot of business. It’s just too common to see that if there is a base of people who dislike you, which is inevitable when you are successful, that your words can easily be re-packaged to go against you.

While I would say that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say stand up what you believe for, you should always be aware on how your words and actions will be interpreted I think as in many ways it’s like a “job” of sorts to do so when you are in that position.

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