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Being Forced To Say Something Good As A Business Deal

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Today I a saw an advertisement for a business which actually made me wonder how legal it would actually be. Basically a company was offering its service for free with the stipulation being that you must provide a good testimony for them. Again, this isn’t just giving your honest feedback but rather they are insisting that you write something good where they would then use that testimony publicly to try and sell their service to others.

That is kind of deceitful I think but it’s not surprising. I know of some life coaches for example where even the student didn’t feel like their learned anything they were kind of pressured to say something nice where the student didn’t want to create conflict. Therefore they just gave a positive testimony and for me it’s really weird seeing it on the site even though I know the person didn’t truly like it.

To me these testimonies should be a result of exceeding people’s expectations where they want to see you grow and as a result they voluntarily give you one. No different than leaving positive reviews. But like trying a product if a company insists that to get things for free you must say something positive would you do it? This happens way more than we would like to think too.

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