Food Prices Based On Dining Out Costs
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Food Prices Based On Dining Out Costs

I had an interesting scenario today as I was asked to buy someone some groceries as it was on my way anyways. The funny thing was when the person asked me how much it cost it was literally less than ten dollars and they were shocked. It mainly consisted of vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. The reason for this was that they were used to dining out prices. For example, a baked potato would cost say one dollar plus at a restaurant so the assumption is it would be just as expensive while buying it fresh from the supermarket. In reality I bought like ten pounds of it for like three dollars.

It is just so darn cheap when you begin to just buy fresh produce for example as opposed to relying on restaurants. I am just kind of surprise that more people don’t really notice this from visiting say the supermarket as it seems like most people just want to purchase the pre-prepared items for example. Makes me think of those prices like the pre-cut fruit packages versus how much cheaper buying the whole fruit itself is. Either way, in no way should one think that just because like a restaurant charges a lot of money for an item that it automatically means it will be just as expensive if you buy fresh.

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