Flexibility For Non Proprietary Add Ons
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Flexibility For Non Proprietary Add Ons

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A person was telling me today that they saw this great deal for a memory card that he wanted to use for his digital camera. While most devices take a standard SD card, unfortunately for him he had a Sony brand camera where in this case it specifically uses memory cards produced by the company itself. He was definitely upset over that as it wasn’t something he even thought about when he purchased his item.

This can be true for so many other items too. I think a very common example of this are cell phones where many times you have to buy specialized cases or cables to fit that phone specifically. If for some odd reason there are no third party manufacturer that has a compatible item then you are stuck having to buy the company’s own add ons which in many cases it could equal to more money. Not a bad idea to research it ahead of time especially if it is an expensive item.

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