First Time I Lost And Found My Phone
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First Time I Lost And Found My Phone

Well today was definitely an interesting experience. I was going about with my normal day anticipating to get various things done when all of a sudden I realized my phone was missing. It must have fell out of my pocket somewhere. After trying to backtrack to find it I had no luck and so I decided to try those find my phone features. But I needed to use another person’s phone. Fortunately a construction worker was willing to lend me his.

I figured it would be a quick login to my account to find it. Unfortunately it wasn’t that simple. In trying to use the program on someone else’s phone there is then the factor of the two method authentication which requires me to confirm from my original phone. That wasn’t good. After trying to look for it again I asked a pair of people if they could phone it to see if anyone has picked it up. Unfortunately there was no answer and they suggested I leave my e-mail which I did.

When I got home I actually checked my e-mail where literally within two minutes I got a message from a person saying they found my phone and wanted to arrange a time to return it. I immediately went to meet up with the person and got it back. Apparently what happened was they called back the last number thinking that person knew who I was. That was actually the strangers that tried to call my phone. Afterwards they gave them my e-mail and everything ended up as a happy ending.

What a crazy experience this was and fortunately I bumped into honest people. Interestingly enough they all commented how they have lost a phone before and know what it was like.

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