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First Thought Is To Save Money Or Make Money

I was asked an interesting question where if I was in a situation where money was going to be an issue, would my first reaction be to find a way to make or save more money? While ideally I guess I would do both, my personal mentality is to usually focus in finding a way to make more money.

I personally feel in these types of situations, and assuming you are already pretty good with money in general, making more money gives you more potential to discover new opportunities that may be a better fit for your current lifestyle.

For example, I know for myself when it comes to saving money it is more about finding ways to use what I already have and do while making it work better. On the other hand, making more money usually involves having to step out of my comfort zone to potential create something that can vastly change my current situation.

As well, when it comes to making more money I specifically mean trying to do something different as opposed to say someone asking their employer for a raise at their existing job. Especially if the situation arose as a result of an outside factor that usually entails that you have to do something drastically different to adapt to the situation. It could be simply doing additional side work or starting a part time business.

Like everything too, the more you practice the better you will be at it. In these cases, it’s usually fear that stops people from seriously discovering additional ways to earn an income and so the more you do the more likely you can create viable streams of income to fill whatever financial needs that you have.

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