Finding Out Companies Can Pay For Reviews

Finding Out Companies Can Pay For Reviews

I found this a little surprising today as I was watching a video that mentioned how on the popular review site Yelp apparently listed businesses are pitched that they can be offered a service in order to get “fresher” reviews to better showcase itself. This would help if companies recently got negatives reviews I assume. While I always am sceptical as to whether or not the review itself is written by a genuine user, now knowing that site itself offers services like this makes me even more weary of the reviews.

This information will definitely make me think twice whenever I see reviews on that site now personally as it just doesn’t seem as genuine if the site itself has services like the above. I guess this is why even for online reviews I usually try to cross reference different sources. For example, if on so many sites the reviews sound the same in terms of wording and writing style then usually there is a high chance it is not legitimate.

It’s just too bad where user reviews are usually a big factor that people rely on in deciding to purchase something. Maybe it would be a little better if they at least disclosed this information such as how companies give reviewers free products to review.

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