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Finding Out A Business Lied To You

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Here’s an interesting scenario I saw today. Imagine there was a business scenario where you found out by accident that the other party has been misleading you for their own benefit. Example, it could be as generic as a business claiming they give their proceeds to charity only for you to the find out they actually pocket the money themselves. What would be your first course of action?

The most common answers I believe are you either cut your ties with them immediately or you give them a chance to correct the issue. I heard one response that was kind of interesting where that one person would burn the bridge but not completely. Basically, it’s like leaving but still entertaining the possibility of associating with each other.

I was trying to imagine how one could develop that train of thought though especially if it is the like scenario above. Maybe I watch too many movies, but usually if it is that extreme of a deception then most likely it will happen again. It’s kind of different from say two people having creative differences or one leaving professionally for other opportunities. Then again, you do hear stories of people who say made a living out of scamming people only to completely change as well. Just one of the many tricky situations you can find yourself in when it comes to doing business I suppose.

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