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Finding Next Day Sales On The Night Before

Usually you would get store flyers for the upcoming week’s sale about one or two days for the actual start date. This gives you time to prepare on what would be the best deals to get. There was one item that I thought was a good deal but I wasn’t quite sure if it as better than the one currently in place. So I actually went to the store to try and compare the two.

This was the funny part was since I went in the evening the price for this particular item that was supposed to be on sale tomorrow was actually on sale right now. These kind of scenarios are actually very common where sale prices for future flyers are put out earlier than you expect. That’s actually the reason sometimes why by the time you arrive in the morning they are virtually all gone.

At times that is due to the company wanting to get rid of the inventory faster so the advertisement is used more to make people aware of it as opposed to being a method to get you in the store that day. Other times it can be that the people running the store want to handle it all earlier even though they shouldn’t. But either way it can be a good way to get deals earlier.

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