Finding Grocery Deals On Different Times of The Day
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Finding Grocery Deals On Different Times of The Day

Recently when I visited the supermarket, I noticed that there were five pounds of apples for about five dollars which is a great value considering this would usually retail for about seven dollars or so. I decided to buy a few and gave it to my parents. My mom was actually shocked because she was saying how she went to the exact same supermarket earlier in the day an she didn’t notice that there were any apples on sale.

Many times you can often find deals in different parts of the day in places like these since inventory is constantly moving around. It could be for example employees found an extra palette of items that were a sale item before which didn’t get put out and so they are now trying to sell I at the same price. I think for groceries specifically this happens a lot which is why communicating with others who hop in different parts of the day can be a great way to save money and find deals.

This would rarely happen in say an electronic store as usually these types of sudden deals would be placed out in the morning I find personally.

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