Finding Deals for Others To Prevent Unnecessary Purchases
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Finding Deals for Others To Prevent Unnecessary Purchases

I often find that whenever there is a sale of sort people are tempted to buy it because it just feels like you are doing something wasteful by not taking advantage of it. In some circumstances It is true such as seeing a $1000 item go on sale for $10. Like there I would say buy it as you could easily resell it for a profit at minimum if you find no use for it.

But I was trying to think why I am not usually tempted to simply buy items that are less than a twenty percent discount as a lot of people would consider that a must buy. I honestly think one of the reasons for this is that I find deals for so many people frequently that have a use for the item that I don’t really feel a need to buy something for the sake of a deal.

It’s no different than anything else where when you get used to it so much you don’t have that uncontrollable urge to dive into it. So maybe that’s what you need to do if you find yourself constantly buying stuff you don’t really need because of sale. Help others who actually need to buy the items right now instead.

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