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Finding That Clique That Often Dictates The Results

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It’s no secret where in most types of situation where there are influencers and people in a position of power where getting into that circle of sort can often be more important than just straight up hard work in the sense of trying to grow like say your business. I was thinking about this as I saw a scenario of someone who was struggling to stay competitive with all the competition. He did everything by the book pretty much I guess you can say but for some reason he always felt like he was playing catch up without any kind of big break.

Then one day he kind of met the right circle of people. As it turned out they sort of had complete control of the market where they could dictate what happens as everyone kind of worked together to ensure they maintain on top. There was nothing illegal about it but the tactics used wouldn’t be award worthy I guess you could say. For example, at times just purposely trying to put specific people out of business. Almost like a mafia in the movies huh?

Now because of that things just became so much easier. He was able to get things so much easier being on the inside I guess you can say. I feel it’s an interesting thought because often times we are taught that hard work and persistence pays off. That’s true of course but I think as well you shouldn’t be oblivious where like with this many times people are just using plain group tactics to get ahead.

Otherwise you could be frustrated in the sense of like an athlete where you wonder why this other guy is getting stronger and ahead faster. You might think he is just working way harder when it could just be they are being supplied with better stuff from like a corporate sponsor as an example as they are on the inside. Something to think about.

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