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Finding A Buddy To Create Better Deals

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I was looking at some deals the other day ranging from restaurants to various travel packages. Most noticeably for the travel packages there were so many single vacation packages where tickets ranged anywhere from $100 to about $400. What was also apparent was all the deals that were offered if you actually found another person that was willing to share the experience with you.

That just made me think how you can often open up a whole new world of offers and savings by simply finding a buddy of sort that has similar interests and would mostly likely spend money on the same things that you do. Generally speaking, even with that trip example, if the person is just as excited about going for it I’m sure the two of you would split costs with certain items. It’s almost like enjoying the trip that you two wanted to go on anyways while getting like 50% off of what you expected to pay before if you were alone on things like accommodation.

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