Ways To Get Paid On The Things You Use or Do Everyday
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Ways To Get Paid On The Things You Use or Do Everyday

Everyday most people have some kind of routine that requires them to use the same resources or doing the same activity each time. Going somewhere to eat, using a vehicle, talking on the phone, browsing the Internet and the list goes on. The notion of being able to make money from your everyday habits is a thought that most people neglect to consider. With a little bit of research you’d be surprised on how many ways there are out there to say getting paid to eat or to use that phone. Generally speaking, here are some of the types of way to do so:

1) Become An Evaluator or Reviewer

There are actually a lot of companies and organizations that pay people to provide input and opinions about their services or products. For example, secret shopping has been around for a long time and you are simply given a job to say dine at five industry specific restaurants and after you complete your task you will get paid a certain amount which should normally at minimum cover the cost of the food. This means you could say be working at your 9-5 job and if you normally go out to eat during lunch you are now getting paid to do it. People often call this mystery shopping as well. Similarly, if you are the type of person who likes to try new things to see if it is good or not, why not get paid to do it? Here is a brief list of companies to join for people who are interested in this:

The Corporate Research Group – http://www.thecrg.com/
ICC Decision Services – http://www.iccds.com/
SG Marketing Group – http://www.sgmarketing.com/
Experience Exchange – http://www.experienceexchange.com/
Sensors Quality Management – http://www.sqm.ca/
BMA Mystery Shopping Services – http://www.mystery-shopping.com/
eDigital Research – http://www.edigitalresearch.com/

2) Become A Part of A Publishing Network

Companies usually spend a lot of money trying to get their products or message across to the end users. If the network that they are advertising on has a lot of users/viewers, the publisher would normally be compensated a lot of money to promote the company’s product or services. Nowadays, there are publishers who are willing to spread out these funds that they receive to other people in an attempt to increase its user base to make it a very attractive publishing network for various companies. Get paid to surf programs were a great example of this as it allowed regular Internet users to easily become a part of the network by adding a toolbar like function to one’s browser. As I have mentioned before, there is one that is starting up called AGLOCO and for those who are interested you can sign up here.

3) Establish A Free Reseller or Affiliate Account

Now this way is actually the hardest one out of them all I’d say as for most people you would have to go out of your way a bit to make this work. For example, for everyday services such as using the telephone, there are actually some carriers where they have a program in place to reward you either a percentage of one’s total monthly billing or a straight up one bonus for using the service. In these cases though, most of the time you have a minimum amount of billing volume to achieve before you can get paid and so this would almost require one to treat it like a business as that is kind of the intention in the first place. However, if you are someone that always has a large bill at the end of the day for a certain service, such as a small business owner, then this is actually a very good example and method on how to get paid for something you are doing/using anyways.

I’m sure there are a lot of other examples out there, but hopefully this will help to enlighten everyone who wouldn’t normally think of these types of way to make money.

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