Financial Sacrifice Priorities
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Financial Sacrifice Priorities

For people who are on a limited income, that usually means that if you want the luxury in buying something that is beyond your normal pool of funds that you have to sacrifice something else in order to be able to afford in doing so. It’s kind of interesting to see how sometimes we tend to sacrifice the things that would seem more important when you think about it over unnecessary stuff.

As an example, there could be times where someone needs to buy something such as some kind of household essential but at that moment the budget isn’t there for it. Now when it comes to shaving some money off something to enable yourself to buy it, you could take something away from say your food or entertainment budget. Given the choice, if you had to live on mostly say macaroni and cheese or instant noodles for a month versus giving up going to say the movies for a month which one would you choose?

For this example, I’m kind of surprised to see that a lot of people would go with the food budget route. The common reason being is that you need to have fun. Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it make more sense to sacrifice the entertainment since the food aspect affects you in almost every way during your day? I suppose this comes down to separating a want versus a need too. Of course, having balance is usually the best way in the end.

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