Filling It Up To The Top

Filling It Up To The Top

Sunny drone shot

Interesting small technique I was told today on what some people do to convince people that they offer more for your money. Essentially it was a restaurant and what they did is that when it came to things that were say in a bowl or cup they would fill it up to the very top to the point where it looks like just putting in a spoon will cause it to overflow. When you think about it they didn’t really add that much more compared to other places. However, with that one simple factor everyone seemed to think the place offered so much more.

I suppose in that case the visual of it can be a huge marketing conversation piece, so to speak, as in some way it is kind of unique compared to most others. It’s not too expensive too if simple things like that can generate more customers for you. Of course this is probably more for people in the food business. One of those thinking outside of the box things too I’d say.

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