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Recently a person was telling me his experiences as he works with people all the time in recovering debt where his clients relied on the law to help them in the process. He was saying how it is pretty heart breaking as many people rely on the court system just to see it get abused in so many ways.

Specifically, he talked about people who drag on court cases or even once you win those same people do almost everything to prevent you from getting your money back (Example, filing for personal bankruptcy). Therefore, instead he always has to think of different ways to legally get his clients their money back as going though the court process can be draining for a business or even an individual.

My parents just recently told me an interesting story that wasn’t exactly business related, but it sure made me think about how you have to rely on yourself most of the time to get results for your personal predicaments as oppose to solely relying on say the government.

The story was when I was about two years old we lived with this neighbor who would have their garbage can right next to a house/property divider of sort. It is like a fence except it was made of cement with open holes as a design. In general, whenever they threw away food or other items it was never covered up or placed in a garbage bag. Literally it was an open garbage can as they would simply do things such as throw away left over meals in it. As a result, the garbage would attract various types of maggots and other things that are just lovely.

Now apparently I enjoyed riding my tricycle in the backyard and all of a sudden I would always get sick for some reason. My mom didn’t know what was wrong and soon pin pointed it to that garbage can and spoke to the neighbor about it. Simply, she asked them if it was possible to move that trash can to a different part of their property. However, they refused. My mom even offered to take it away for them during the garbage collection days if they agreed to move it away and again they refused.

The next step was that my mom contacted some kind of government health inspector to hopefully get the neighbors to change their ways as she figured the law would help her. As gross and unhealthy the situation was, the person mentioned that there was nothing he could do as the garbage was technically within their own property and so law wise they could place the garbage wherever they wanted.

While my mom was frustrated, that then gave her an idea since the person said that it was perfectly legal. It just so happens that their kitchen window opened up to our side of the property. When you are cooking, obviously that creates a lot of steam/heat and so it would be wise to open that window. What my mom did was then place one of our garbage cans right next to that window, which was almost on the same level height wise with the garbage can, which of course attracted all the bugs too while creating a lovely smell.

Sure enough, then the neighbor would start complaining how that is disgusting and asked my mom to move the garbage can. As you can imagine, no one budged and at the same time apparently no legal regulations would help either of them. One day the neighbor got very aggressive over it and some police officers went on the scene to find out what was going on. After my mom explained the situation and how everything they were doing was perfectly “legal” the officer got the hint on what was going on. Afterwards, the officer recommended that the neighbor move the garbage can and sure enough they finally did.

Too bad I was too young to really remember that, but it was such a great story I thought. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to be that aggressive/creative in a business environment and not rely solely on say the government to help you. That is true for money in general too I’d say. Example, for your retirement I believe you can’t rely on anyone else other than yourself financially.

And no, this is not encouraging an “eye for an eye” mentality, but rather you have to expect to get results by doing things yourself.

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