Fees For Working On Site

Fees For Working On Site

I was speaking to a lady today that was saying how she wanted to find a tutor to teach her kids at the house. Currently she drives them to a tutor and pays about $20/hr. Because of time constraints she was expressing that she would rather pay someone to come to her home instead to teach the kids. At first I said that you could probably find one for about $30/hr. She immediately responds that she felt that she was willing to pay $60/hr as the starting fee.

I was just thinking how that is a pretty big increase to simply have the person come to your location. I guess that is true for most other services too like an on-site tech support or home installation service of some sort. But the fact that people are okay with it should be a good note for any professionals that are even thinking of offering an on-site type of service.

I guess people can relate with all of the traveling in these scenarios to help justify the prices that one would charge.

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