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Feels Way Too Early For Boxing Day Sales

boxing day 2015

I know a lot of retailers like to get a head start on the competition when it comes to getting people to buy from them. Boxing day sales still have like two weeks to go and already when I visit websites you see ads like these pop up. Some people haven’t even finished their Christmas shopping yet.

It kind of makes me wonder if business wise you aren’t encouraging people to essentially hold off until the big event. I would think as a retailer you kind of want people to buy from you during the shopping frenzy as there are many who are more focused on getting the product as opposed to the best deal. Christmas shopping wise for me I am pretty much done and waiting for boxing day myself. I don’t think the majority of people are done though.

Unless companies have anticipated that there are more families nowadays that actually wait until after Christmas to buy and handout presents as it simply makes more sense financially.

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