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Fearing The Crowd When It Comes To A Sale

A person was telling me today that with store sales events like black Friday she would intentionally avoid these types of sales as she does not want to risk dealing with a violent crowd. Therefore, she prefers to duke it out when it comes to an online sale as that is more about who can checkout the fastest.

Most of the sales here are extremely civilized from the things I have seen. The only thing over the top is that people tend to go crazy for virtually anything during a sale frenzy. Example, even a pair of socks at 25 cents will make people animated enough to rummage through the inventory in an energetic way.

Do I ever fear the sales crowd? Not really as I never seen anything crazy here personally. So I have never let it stop me from getting a good deal if I saw one personally. I worry more about how long a lineup is going to be personally to determine if I want to avoid the sale or not.

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