Fear of Missing Out On investments

Fear of Missing Out On investments

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One common remark I have been hearing during these times is that if you are a stock trader and know your stuff this is probably great time to buy stocks in various companies. Reason being is the pandemic has caused a lot of companies to lose profits and drop in value. This is usually a very bad thing where you wouldn’t want to invest in a company as a result. However, everyone is simply being effected by things such as the temporary lockdowns which means in theory the stock value of companies should rise immensely once everything is back to normal.

With that in mind it seems like a ton of people are trying to invest in everything with the mindset that for sure everything will only go back up. I even read of people trying to save up so much right now by living the bare minimum so that they will have more money to invest in companies in hopes to make it big after. Professionals were even saying this could be good in general for the economy with people eager to invest in business.

Do you have a fear of missing out in this way as well? I suppose if you can it doesn’t hurt to invest in certain companies. Probably wiser than spending all your money on a giant TV during these times.

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