Fear of China Coronavirus Creating Business Opportunities
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Fear of China Coronavirus Creating Business Opportunities

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While going by some stores today I found it odd that so many places had signs that they did not sell or have any face masks on sale. I was wondering why at first as it’s almost like a hot new release where stores are getting tired of answering the same inventory question. After thinking about it all the news recently of the Wuhan Coronavirus is probably creating panic even here in Canada where everyone is afraid of getting infected.

This reminds me of when SARS was a huge thing. There were even mall kiosks opening up at the time that sold nothing but hand sanitizers and were making a decent daily profit it seems. So I guess this situation is the same where with a mass amount of fear people are ready to invest in anything to help prevent themselves from being infected.

Although it makes you think a simple mask would be enough if one is extremely worried. For example, imagine people wanting to wear disposable clothing because of all this or having a portable steamer for their clothing whenever they come in contact with people. Sounds overboard but it seems in many ways people purchase emotionally in these situations. A bit too much for me though.

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