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Facebook Blocking News Sites In Australia

What a fascinating business predicament this is for a company. Apparently in Australia there is a proposed law where companies such as Facebook and Google must pay a fee of sort to display news feed information from media sites. For example, this would potentially include even users sharing links to news articles. The company does not agree with this and therefore even before a law has been passed they decided to simply block everyone in Australia from sharing any news related sites.

That’s kind of a crazy bold move I must say as it’s almost like a company trying to push its weight on a country to say if they don’t cater to them they will simply pull its service that millions of people use. In the midst of this it would appear Facebook accidentally blocked some government sites as well from sharing general public information as they are the official sources.

With all this, it raised the attention of lawmakers on how much power social media sites have which may make them think of ways to ensure they can’t have too much power over speech as an example. I wouldn’t be surprised if this will be a big topic everywhere around the world this year.

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