Extending CERB Time And Your Focus If Jobless
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Extending CERB Time And Your Focus If Jobless

I read in the news today on how apparently the government is planning to extend the CERB benefits as all industries are still not re-opened and people who can’t find work still need help. That’s good news overall. Although that did raise a lot of debate where some people are saying this is essentially making everyone lazy as if they are able bodied people on welfare. I did read comments too from people who worked in the airline industry and expressed how things will not go back to normal anytime soon to the point where they are literally trying to think of a new career.

It made me wonder, if you are unfortunately stuck having to get CERB are you in survival mode where you are simply staying home and paying the bills? Or are you taking this as a semi safe way to invest time in learning different things and how to make money to support yourself? I personally think it’s a good time to start exploring alternatives. Nothing is ever certain where change is always coming and you must adapt. It’s something the self-employed often think about and why one needs to constantly evolve and innovate.

This is probably a good time to at least learn something new. Even if it is simply setting up and buildings websites as an example since digital solutions are in demand. It can’t hurt to even try creative items too such as simply taking pictures of the weather. You may be surprised how a lot of companies are actually looking for stuff in your area too. Do something I’d say as in many ways if you are collecting CERB it’s almost like being a kid where you are stuck at home and you can choose to watch TV or try and do something for your future.

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