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Exposing And Criticizing Your Peers In An Industry

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Today I decided to listen to a free workshop where the premise sounded interesting of a person claiming that he was going to expose the dark side of a business I guess you could say. It’s probably not a popular thing to do as I would imagine competitors would probably team up to silence the person afterwards. Or worst, gang up on them through negative publicity to hurt their business.

In this example the person was essentially describing how many times self-proclaimed experts and gurus do various things to make people feel like they can’t succeed without their service. For example, if you are trying to lose weight then there is no way you should try this alone as you should hire a professional trainer by your side. If you are trying to jumpstart a career then one will say it is mandatory to buy and read their materials worth thousands of dollars.

So the person essentially shined a light in all this to say how you don’t really need that stuff if you already have the basic foundation. Basically, the motivation to tell you that you have to have it is that the author will get a huge payday. It’s an usual scenario because the person themselves doing the criticizing also offers services in the same fashion. However, he essentially distinguishes himself as saying he refuses to want to capitalize on other people’s insecurities I guess you can say and he even tells people no to using his services if he feels they are good enough already.

You can probably see it either as a genuine attempt to help others or a different style of sales pitching of course. But it’s an interesting route to take I suppose where there are probably so many potential conflicts that can arise among your peers. Would it be worth it in the end to do the right thing as they say?

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