Experiencing Different Cultures To Learn How To Save Money
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Experiencing Different Cultures To Learn How To Save Money


Today I did a fun task with a group of people where the objective was to simply buy food for about 18 people as everyone was assigned a category to shop for. This had to be prepare food as well so no real bargain shopping at the grocery store was possible. The budget was about $25 and for some people they thought that was way too low to do anything. A mindset many people had was a simple one person combo at a fast food restaurant can be close to $10 all by itself. So what are the odds of finding items for 18 people at $25?

This I where it surprised some people because they had to shop at different places where in this case it was Chinese hot food markets. To me it was nothing surprising where you can get large containers of food for $8. However, to many this was mind blowing as it was like getting their whole meal for the day in one. People often experience different cultures for things like the art, but do you ever use it as a potential way to see if certain cultures do things better financially?

I know when it comes to buying hot and prepared food the prices can be drastically different for the portion sizes. Aside from preference it doesn’t necessarily mean one taste better than the other either. In many ways it could be simply culturally people of a certain backgrounds are used to giving X amount of food to satisfy people whereas in other places it is different. That’s what they say if you look at American portions versus Canadian ones in restaurants too. So having fun and exploring different things can definitely help you save money in the long run.

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