Expensive Shipping For A Close Distance

Expensive Shipping For A Close Distance

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This was kind of funny I thought. Recently I had to redeem some reward points of sort from these products I bought otherwise it would simply expire. So, may as well get something for free. I got the items pretty fast today and the thing that made my eyebrow rise was that they used an express courier service which is usually kind of expensive. Granted they are a large corporation and so they probably get a discounted rate. However, the head office and distribution centre is literally like a two minute drive away from my home.

I was just thinking how much money one could have potentially saved by by organizing shipments in such a way where they could have designated an internal delivery system for customers who live so close to the distribution centre. I suppose then it becomes a debate of convenience as maybe the company just has so much money that it is a better use of their time just to pay large fees to a third party so that they don’t have to worry about it.

I guess it is more if you are a small or home based business where you would be more inclined to think twice.

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