Expecting To Get Coupon And Discount Deal Offers Again
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Expecting To Get Coupon And Discount Deal Offers Again

Often when we get some really good deals and offers from companies we tend to want to try and find some way to take advantage of it as It seems wasteful not to. For example, many stores often offer coupons where if you spend say $50 they may give you back $10 in points. So afterwards many would go shopping specifically to buy $50 worth of stuff as the offer expires. We do this many times because we think it will never come back again.

That’s what got me thinking as recently Uber gave me an offer for its Uber Eats service where I could get $30 off my first purchase. It was enticing but at the end with all the service it only made sense to use it if I was actually planning to order takeout in the first place. So I just allowed it to expire. But as it turns out, just recently they sent me the offer again with a different expiry date.

This happens frequently with companies where if you are afraid of losing out on a once in a lifetime offer many times the same deals will show up again. Especially for coupons and discount codes types of offers.

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