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Expecting Days Off During A Vancouver Snow Day

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The snow has really come down here in Vancouver where as expected there were some places that announced closures due to the weather. Even days before I was hearing comments from people where even if say the school or place of business doesn’t close they will just phone in sick as an example instead of trying to travel through the snow. That was kind of the interesting thing too where many people were saying if places didn’t close for the day then they are being irresponsible. Requiring people to risk their lives during such treacherous weather as an example.

Then there is the flip side where people would say you are simply being lazy and entitled if you think something like snow should automatically mean a day off. The common example here is how in other provinces in the country they get way more snow and do just fine getting through the day. For example, Vancouver getting 15cm of snow is considered Armageddon whereas in other places getting 30 is normal.

Which mindset would you tend to side with? I just know for a business owner it can be crazy not to be open. For example, a supermarket of sort where people would need food and supplies which means a ton of business on those days that you would be losing if you closed. As well, if you don’t open then someone else will. Would it largely be whether or not you are say an employee versus a business owner as an example? You could argue too as the business owner not opening the supermarket means a lot of people aren’t getting what they need as well I suppose.

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