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Expecting Certain Advertising Styles

The Superbowl was today and although I don’t really follow football I am always interested in what kind of a spectacle the advertisers and sponsors do in the event when it comes to things like commercial and advertising. I was watching some of the commercials online and I was thinking how they didn’t seem as funny as previous years as many companies tried to go with with a more shock value approach it seems.

It must be kind of tricky too especially when you have such a large audience anticipating for you to show things using a specific direction. I guess in the end it is all about getting you to remember the product. I personally like the humorous commercials in these types of events as you are kind of expecting to get a laugh. As well, in this day in age I would think a very funny commercial probably has better odds of it getting passed around faster on the Internet. Double the results for one effort doesn’t sound like such a bad thing.

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