Expecting A Benefit In Return or Doing It To Make People Happy

Expecting A Benefit In Return or Doing It To Make People Happy

Today as I walked through a mall I thought there would be a lot of stores that would be giving out candy for kids as a way to have fun for the holiday while developing a rapport of sorts with potential customers. However, I was surprised to see so many stores with signs saying that they weren’t handing anything out. I don’t think it was a coincidence too that most of them were higher end stores such as ones that sell jewelry where you don’t exactly expect kids. Kind of made we wonder should you always expect something in return as a business to do stuff like this?

It makes me think of the saying on how little fish know big fish in the sense of even though that kid per se may not directly buy stuff for you I would imagine he gesture of doing things like giving out the free candy would in a sense give a good impression to the people who know or are related to the child. As well I tend to think if you can in instances like these then you should as it’s kind of like you are developing a community as well where everything comes in full circles.

I would imagine financially too it would probably cost very little for a business to give candy away and you just never know how making someone smile at that moment can effect so many other things too. Even from a business point of view too if you were that kid wouldn’t you tend to want to say good things about them which can translate to more customers? Either way, I often feel social responsibility comes with running a business as well.

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