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Expecting All Customers To Be Digitally Knowledgeable At Restaurants

There comes a time where eventually everyone has to catch up to the times in regards to technical items such as actually learning how to use e-mail versus thinking faxing is still the way to go. But this was kind of interesting where with all the COVID protocols and precautions many businesses are actually not taking things like cash in order to prevent the possibility of spreading germs.

But for one restaurant they apparently got rid of the table menus too where instead you are greeted with a little QR code that asks you to scan it in order to see the menu. This basically just takes you online which means you also need Internet access. The funny thing was a lot of the older generation had no clue what a QR code was and it was just expected that people knew how to use it. I would assume again this is all for sanitation reasons.

So it kind of made me think on how many times people hate changes in this way. But in these cases would you just do it and hope that people will actually just learn how to use it?

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