Exercise Ball As An Office Chair
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Exercise Ball As An Office Chair

I was potentially thinking of getting a new office chair lately and for one reason or another I was a little more conscious about wanting to find something that would be suitable for times where I would have to sit for hours. That then led me to reading articles about how many people use exercise balls as office chairs where some argue it is better for you.

Knowing that you can usually get these things for like $10 to $30, I was so surprised to see ball chairs in the range of $100+ dollars on average. They looked simply like an exercise ball with a back support on it. Granted I am no expert on the topic, but financially I thought it would be cheaper overall than a regular office chair. This isn’t exactly an item that is readily available for you to try at most stores too.

This is one of those battles between your money and a lack of knowledge. Example, like here I would probably most likely just stick with what I know if I was to buy the item today even though there would be a nagging part on my mind with all the things I read on how the other option may be better. No way around this other than research unless I want to think with my wallet.

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