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Exceeding Expectations Intentionally

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People often say that when you are doing any kind of business you should usually under promise and over deliver. Or another way of putting it is you should always look to exceed people’s expectations as a way to jump ahead. While that is nothing out of the ordinary it was kind of interesting to read how some people purposely tell others that they are going to get something worst when they already know ahead of time they aren’t.

For example, imagine like a restaurant where it was always your intent to give people free refills of their soda but on your menu it doesn’t say so. That way when the customer legitimately wants a refill and believes they will be charged they are super happy when you tell them they won’t be charged anything as if the company just went beyond to make them happy. That’s kind of sneaky huh?

I don’t know if that is clever or misleading to intentionally play people’s emotions like that. I would think that can easily backfire where when you see everyone else getting the same treatment that may actually turn people off the business after. No difference then realizing something was a sales pitch after. To me anyway I just seems safer and wiser to do it the honest way.

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