Ever Worrying About Your Legacy For People Associated With You
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Ever Worrying About Your Legacy For People Associated With You

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For some odd reason here in Canada lately there has been a bunch of news of people videotaping regular citizens having racist rants of sort. These videos of course started to go viral due to the outrage. But what was really shocking to me was that one about the lady in a medical office who was spewing all these racist remarks in-front of her child. While you can bet she will definitely have a bad reputation now it made me wonder if she ever thought how her reputation will affect her child in the future too.

I often find in business for example many people are quick to say and do as they please because to them any decision they make is only going to affect themselves in their mind. But there are so many times where I have seen people not wanting to give others the time of day simply because they can be viewed as being associated with a particular person. So in that sense your actions often affect more people than just yourself.

I usually try and make decisions with that in mind too because I would imagine many people place a certain level of trust in you to be associated with. That doesn’t mean always do things just to please others of course. But how your actions can affect others too should definitely be something you consider.

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